Victoria II

Victoria Alexandra Elizabeth of the House of Windsor is Queen Victoria II of the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and various other countries during the Theta Wars. She is born in 2080 and assumes the throne in 2101. She is the great-granddaughter of our current Prince William. She is forced to take the throne as a young woman following the death of her parents from the Red Death nanoplague. Despite the declining power of the British throne, her reign is marked by a determination to protect her subjects from the chaos that engulfs the world following the Rise of the Fourth Reich and the Fall of Rome. To that ends she, in arguable violation of the unwritten British constitution, retains an organization of Crown Agents, answerable directly to her, the most notable and capable of which is Arthur Anderson.

Towards the later years of her reign, Victoria II remains one of the last few bastions of British authority in her own lands in the face of the American imperialism purportated by Freedom Force Elite.