Vlad Green

Maj. Vlad Green, if that really is his real name, which of course it isn't, don't be daft, it's just his most commonly used code name, is the most talented soldier the world has ever produced. He has attended every military institution known to man and is extremely well decorated. He is trained in the use of every vehicle, weapon and piece of equipment the British military have ever used.

Not much is known about Vlad Green prior to him turning up at Sandhurst on his 16th birthday. From there on he excelled in any task he was given and quickly ascended the ranks of the British Army, taking on all other special training. Unusually, he has turned down every rank he has achieved above that of Major for a reason seemingly only known to himself. After serving with the SAS and SBS for some years, Vlad Green took his leave from the army and started off simultaneous careers in both the Navy and the Air Force. As in the Army, Vlad once more excelled at everything he was taught and rose through the ranks, but never using them as he thinks they're ranks for pansies and only got them "by accident" while he was playing with some planes and boats. After the Navy/Air Force, Vlad Green travelled the world undercover, often in disguise for years on end attending the various other military institutions of the world of any value. As a consequence, he can also speak most languages. Following his round the world trip, he returned to Britain and was promptly arrested and interrogated for 6 months. After wilfully divulging the secrets of most of the armies of the world, he was released and substantially compensated for "wasting his time".

It is not entirely known whether or not Vlad Green has ever actually had contact with Sir Hugh Charlesworthy, but it has been surmised that because of the amount of extensive training he has received, he must have certainly travelled through time pretty extensively in order to have achieved it, so it is quite likely that he may well be a friend of Sir Hugh. It is rumoured that he is the prototype for a genetically altered super-soldier, akin to those created in Project Achilles who broke free of captivity at a young age. Vlad Green is however entirely human, and loyal to those he chooses, which some speculate is the reason for some of the cybernetics used in Project Achilles. Some say his escape was aided by the Illuminati, however they have mysteriously disappeared.

His whereabouts are now kept a secret, however, a former army buddy of his was reported to have drunkenly blurted out "he's doing some secret work for the government or someone in Basingstoke" when asked by a member of the press doing a story on army dinner functions. As a result the building was stormed within seconds by a small army dressed in black. After securing the building, a chap wearing a pointed hat wandered in and shot the drunken sot in the head, which was later discovered after an autopsy and ballistic analysis to have been a Webley service revolver. The chap in the pointed hat left and the occupants of the building were slaughtered with the exception of the news reporter. Amazingly the ranks lost at the dinner were replaced soon after.

Vlad Green's weapon of choice is reportedly any given sniper rifle, preferring an enemy that doesn't know it's under attack until half of them are dead.