Weapons and Armour Musing

1. In Armour you might want to list the helmet seperately to the rest of the equipment just so that it is clear what its stats are.

Might be an idea

2. "Hades" Siege Powered Armour has Soak 8. This is just enough to completely stop a bolt-action rifle, a shotgun (slugs), a handcannon or a Strength 4 kick. It's more the kick I have a problem with if this is ment to be the most badass 2059 powered armour. Perhaps double soak against blunt attacks thanks to a rigid frame?

I'm disinclined to do that. It already takes Strength 5 to hurt someone wearing it with a kick(and then it's a measly 2 Damage). It shouldn't require Strength 9. Melee attacks as a whole are deliberately unrealisticly good compared to guns so guns don't dominate combat.

3. Armour piercing bullets are -2 Damage, Halves Enemy Soak. This is worse than normal bullets against Soak 0-3 armour, just as good against Soak 4-5 and only better against Soak 6+ (assuming rounding up half Soaks). The best modern armour (Kevlar Body Armour with Helmet) is Soak 4. Perhaps statting amour piercing bullets something like -2 Damage, ignors 2 Soak (obviously no negative soak can come of this) would be better.

Mathswise, -2 Damage, Ignore 2 points of Soak does nothing except when Soak is 1 or less. It is never better than straight damage. Armour piercing bullets are as good against people in full body armour and better against vehicles. I'm pretty happy with this

4. I'd like a bit of fluff action on the bodygloves. Who uses them? In the theta wars I've given the gimp version to CFE special ops and the occasinal guy from N, but most people wear either standard or no armor.

I created them because Phil asked for futuristic armour which was not power armour. I'm pretty happy to drop them to be honest.

I seem to differ from you chaps in that I'm not happy with a future setting were the assumption is everyone will ware suits of power armour. I dont see the future like that, and so wanted something that represented advances in standard armour. There are just as many examples of standard future armour ( In the vien of Imperial Gaurd, Starship Troopers, The Rebel Soldiers at the start of A new Hope) then there are examples of Power armour (In the vein of Space marines, Stormtroopers and Gordon Freeman).

Does standard armour need special stats though? I'd reckon "Counts As Kevlar" could cover most of the non-powered futuristic armours. Stormtrooper armour would be an exception(is it powered? I didn't think it was), since it seems to be made of some kind of blaster-repelling unobtainium.

Actually, Fundamentally, I'm not sure the assumption that everyone will have armour is the best way of balanceing things. Did you ever see any armour in Star Trek? And Hero types rarely were armour in any setting. Even in the modern day were yes, Military and the police have armour of a kind. (and even that apparently not every soldier is issued with body armour, and some still remove the metal plates for mobility). If You think of Most films across most eras. The Hero dosent tend to suit up in armour. (other then to disguise as one of the bad guys).

Well, armour training is not compulsary. You can just spend the 3cp elsewhere. If you feel unable to compete without soak, one has the option of grabbing a Steelcloth Trenchcoat or some techno-babble equivalent. Heck, even a level or two of Natural Armour with the justification "I'm really bloody tough" could fit in without too much trouble.

Most heroes I design tend to have either no armor or a leather coat, unless they are an intended bullet magnet type. As for futuristic armor suits, I've created a proofing kit under theta technological items which can handily be applied to vest and kevlar suit to make it more up to date and theta relevant.

From a numbers point of view, that makes sence but from a fluff point of view, Its fine for the sort of cobbled solution a time traveler might use. But what is the armour issued en-masse to the armys of the future, this is my main point. To suggest there all useing some kind of retrofitted kevlar is silly. Again, I dont give a wooden nickle about the stats, you guys do a great job when it comes to the numbers and balance. But there aught to be a Standard Milltery issue armed vest of the future. And it shouldent have any bloody Kevlar in. If you want to Roll what would otherwise be the Stats for a Kevlar vest with this proofing kit into what is, fluff wise, mass produced theta era millitery armour. Then I would be down with that.

##blue|TBH, I'd be suprised if the armies of the future bothered to research anything more than kevlar in leiu of powered armor research.**