Weisälfar, calling themselves white elves are fae inhabitants of Yggdrassil and outcasts from Álfheim.

A Weisälf typically stands a bit shorter than the average human being. Their looks tend slightly towards androgeny, but obvious signs of masculinity or femininity are still present. They are uniformly graceful and beautiful, and weaker than humans. Their hair colors range from silver to while, their skin is milky pale and their eyes dark green. They do not have pointy ears, but do have slightly elongated canines. They make their homes in what resemble old norse towns in Yggdrassil, where they delight in fine crafts and culinary arts. Like all fae, they are completely transparent to magick and have their own fixed fae powers.

Weisälf smiths are the only beings in existence able to forge things from Muspellthrum and Niflthrum, a sacred metal that can only be found in the mountains either side of the passes that lead to Niflheim and Muspellheim, and they are the only people who are permitted by Skadi to craft a limited amount of items from wood derived from the world tree. Their weapons and armor are of the finest quality, crafted from innately magickal materials with the most precise and delicate craftsmanship. This means that Weisälf warriors are always well armed. They are also frequently bartered away in Gobelemarkts in exchange for arts, luxuries, exotic foods and trinkets.

Weisälfar found outside of Yggdrassil are almost always adventurers, either on quests from village elders or gods, or for their own revenge or actualisation. Adventurers come in three flavours:

  • Rangers - A standard sort of älfar warrior, trained in combat, shooting and stealth in equal measure. Emphasizes more of defensive style.
  • Stalkers - Silent and fearless, these warriors melt into shadows, single out opponents and violently murder them without warning before vanishing without a trace.
  • Faeries - One who studies faerie magic, adding fae powers to his own.

The forest worgs of Yggdrassil are completely obedient to the weisälfar, whose power is mesmeric control over canines. They make valued companions, as they can smell through the disguises of thieving gobele.