Wiki Keeping

Since the forum doesn't seem a popular choice for discussions I though I'd create this page to list a few items of wiki keeping.

  • We have two pages both titled 'Magick'. Can we call one 'OAGS Magick' or 'OAGS - Magick' or 'Magick in OAGS' or something? Or does this not bother other people?

* I've just updated the Wiki Map, after a long while, and found that the Titans and 2059 Technological Items pages are no longer to be found. They have been deleted right? Titans seem to still be referenced on other pages, what's up with that?
* The 2059 tech have been merged with regular tech. Titans shouldn't exist anymore. I'll search and destroy references to them now.

* I'd like to have all pages linked to from the Wiki Map, or from some map/menu/list, however I tend to leave OAGS pages to Ben to do linking to and I have suspicions that some OAGS pages just aren't linked to from anywhere. Thoughts? I just fear some pages might become forgotten.
* OAGS pages not linked from the main OAGS Index are mainly disgarded ex-rules. Time Chart, Speed and the huge Extra Arms table are the only exceptions I'm aware of(they're linked from sub-articles, but are hard to find).