Woden Käsebringer is the Norse God Odin.

In the late years of the first millenium, and the early ones of the second, the Vikings were a dominant world power waging war in the name of their bloodthirsty gods. This strife caused by their worshippers was the meat upon which they fed and fueled their power. Following the fall of the Vikings, caused ironically by peace, the Norse Gods are but a fraction of what they once were. Still, they continue to exist. Often, they venture out to Midgard to live amongst men. Largely because that's where the best parties are.

The King of Gods himself is no exception. Odin, lord of war and wisdom to the Norse makes regular trips down to Midgard, sometimes living there for years at a time. There, he is known as Woden Käsebringer and makes his home in Trollhätten, Sweden, though he is often seen throughout southern Scandinavia. He appears as a man in his fifties, with long white hair and a long white beard, often dressed in black and brown biking leather, or a casual shirt and jeans. He is also missing one eye, both his eyelids stitched together over the hole, a startling wound which he makes no effot to hide. He rides around on his white motorbike which reportedly has the ability to fly.

To think a Norse God is powerless now is more than a folly. They won't exactly be taking on any armies armed only with their nakedness and a mug of mead, but they will still give the world's toughest a good run for their money. Odin still retains much of his fighting prowess and is also one of oldest and most knowledgables wizards in the multiverse, knowing 9 Words of Power. In combat, he favors either spears or shotguns. If you're really in his bad books he'll fight from the back of his motorbike, taking large chunks out of the poor fool who challenges him.

Woden is unable to bring his beloved animals to Midgard, but can still call and control wolves and ravens from nowhere. He is blood-brother to Loken Wotanson and Tor Hammarhål.