Xenoform is the official Agency term for nonhuman beings native to parallel universes. As such, it covers a vast variety of beings and it is extremely difficult to generalise about them. Never the less, a few points worthy of consideration.

  • Many xenoforms have supernatural powers in much the same manner as human psychics. Often, these powers will be universal amongst that particular race. For example, all members of Nix's race are capable of manipulating fire.
  • Some xenoforms are externally identical to humans, while others are obviously nonhuman.
  • Most xenoforms are at least humanoid.
  • Some xenoforms come from dimensions where Heaven or Hell have a greater influence than in ours. For example, Nix's race are native to a dimension which is under the influence of Hell and are therefore aligned to Hell in much the same ways as Rebel Faction angels are.
  • Given that there exist human psychics, as well as humans from parallel universes, there are instances where the definition of xenoform is a little unclear. For instance, if there existed a dimension where all the humans were telekinetics, would such humans be xenoforms? The Agency's opinion is divided on such issues.

See also known races of xenoforms.

The Agency had a four-fold classification system for xenoforms

  • Beast-type xenoforms: xenoforms with animal-level intelligence
  • Person-type xenoforms: xenoforms with human-level intelligence who can be reasoned with and understood. Basicly people.
  • Superhuman-type xenoforms: xenoforms with abilities far surpassing humanity. Comparable to psychics or sorcerers.
  • God-type xenoforms: xenoforms so powerful they can compete on equal terms with angels and the lords of the fae. Beyond the ability of the Agency to control or coerce.

With god-type xenoforms, the Agency has only two real choices: to trust that it is benevolent and leave ourselves at its mercy or to commit ourselves fully to a surprise attack designed to eliminate before it learns too much about us and how to protect itself from us. I fear the day when we encounter a being so powerful the second option is closed to us.- Alpha.