Yggdrassil, the world tree, is the sacred centre of the Norse cosmology. According to legend, from its branches hang important worlds, such as Asgard, home of the gods and Midgard, known to us as earth. Some branches also reach into heaven and some of its roots lead into hell.

In reality, Yggdrassil is a world between worlds. Not quite its own reality, but an extra-dimensional 'buffer' space between realities. It is a realm with dark forests and twilight wooded mountains, with light snow constantly falls and the occasional lightning storm flashes accross the sky. Dotted around the landscape are various fae towns sporting wooden-plank houses, thatched roofs and a veritable freak show of sub-dimensional beings.At its centre stands an immense and sacred ash tree after which the realm was named; Yggdrassil. It can be seen from anywhere in its land, and towers high past the ever-present cloud-cover. At its north face, it is dyed red with the blood of odin. A circle of nine imposing mountains mark the boundary of the realm past which the landscape graduates into nothing and everything fades into nonexistence. Between each mountain there are nine passes which each lead to a different world, including Earth. The connection between Yggdrassil and these worlds are not portals in the usual sense, since they are not connections between two universes.

It is said that the Skadi, the Norse goddess of winter and mountains roams these lands, guarding Yggdrassil and watching over the fae. It is also said that Loki's ability to step between worlds is deeply linked to Yggdrassil. The unusual Norse cosmology is also likely a factor of the trick that Loki used to stop Merlin sealing the way to Asgard.

Types of Creatures that live in Yggdrassil

A rough map of Yggdrassil: